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Build and Submit


At this point, we have successfully created the necessary provisioning profiles and certificates. We've also configured our build in iTunes Connect and have added the necessary metadata.

[Video] How To Submit An App To Apple's App Store

via Paul Flahan on YouTube

Submission to Apple viat Xcode

Step by Step

We've listed 9 steps, below, that go through the submission process. Each one references images. Each step is also covered in the above video.

Step 1

Ensure the Bundle Identifier in your project settings matches the ID we setup in Provisioning and iTunes Connect.

Step 2

Select the appropriate Code Signing Identity and the appropriate Provisioning Profile:

Step 3

Ensure scheme is set to Archive.

Step 4

Step Select Product -> Archive

Step 5

Validate build with Organizer by selecting the Validate button.

Step 6

Submit build to iTunes App Store with Organizer

Step 7

Return to iTunes Connect (

Step 8

Attach your build to your app by selecting the "+" sign. There may be a delay of up to 10 minutes before your uploaded build will be available.

Step 9

Hit Save and Submit. Apple requires you to answer three questions regarding export compliance, content rights and advertising identification. Each provides a description and should correspond to your particular app. In this example, we answered "No" to each.


Submitting Your App to the Store