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Common Terms

After using Git for a number of years, developers have created a language around the tool and their process. This list can be used as a quick reference to decipher those messages and assimilate this language into your own.


  • Add - Creating a new file within the repository
  • Blame - A term used to find who changed what line of code and when.
  • Branch - describes a separate line of development from another branch
  • Checkout - retrieve the latest copy of a repository into your local branch
  • Clone - to initially copy a remote repository onto your computer.
  • Commit - to take your changes and submit them to the repository
  • Conflict - when two commits affect the same code and Git has trouble automatically merging the two
  • Git - pronounced with a hard "G", rhymes with spit
  • GitHub - A company in San Francisco that made an excellent interface to Git repositories
  • Local or Local changes - a cloned copy of a repository that may have changes not yet pushed to the remote repository.
  • Master - Typically, the base branch of which all other brances are derived
  • Merge - Take a series of commits from one branch and put them into another branch
  • Merge conflict - Same as conflict
  • Publish - To submit your changes to the remote repository. May also refer to the creation of a branch on the remote repository.
  • Push - Same as publish without the creation connotation.
  • Pull - To retrieve changes on a remote repository into your own local repo.
  • Repo or Repository - Where the source code lives. For our purposes, this is GitHub
  • Stage - The precursor to commit. Observe changes about to be commited into your branch before those changes go into the local copy of your repo.
  • Stash - To quickly push aside your changes into a temporary state which can be retrieved later or abandoned.
  • Version Control - A system that handles keeping track of changes and provides automation around merging changes from multiple streams of input, such as people.


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